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Destiny Church – so many questions

So, Destiny Church school is eyeing up its options after being turned down as a charter school. Why would that be?  Why would a private school suddenly want to be a charter school and then, failing that, become a public school?

Funding for Integrated Schools

moneyThe Herald report that as at 2011, and in its present form, the school “charges tuition fees from $65 to $85 a week and received a $266,000 operations grant from the Ministry of Education,” but it would be entitled to more tax payer funding should it become integrated.

As a state integrated school, it would get the same government funding for each student as other public schools. In 2013 this was $5,837 per primary student and $7,521 per secondary student.

In addition, it would be allowed to charge fees.  Not donations, but fees – not optional.

So it could arguably be quids in.  (Or is that dollars in?)

And, of course, it would get to retain ownership of its buildings and land.

Transformational Education?

A Destiny spokesperson said that the move would allow the school to take it “transformational model” of education to more children.

I would like to know more about this “transformational model” – what makes it so amazing?  Is it really that amazing at all?  And if it is, then why did the government turn them down as a charter school?

They have tried to become an integrated school before, and were turned down.  And their charter school bid was turned down.  It doesn’t look like the Ministry think anything miraculous is going on there, does it?

So many questions.


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